Website Design

STEP 1 – Design

Once you have your Domain Name organised. You will need to think about the design of your website. Key things to think about are:

The overall look and feel. For example do you want something clean & formal with conservative colours or something “funky” with lots of colour.


How many pages do you want. Perhaps you’d like everything on one scrolling page.


Think about menus, forms, photos and other content you’d like to include.


Finally draw up a rough plan of your website. It doesn’t need to be “pretty”, just good enough to give the developer an idea of what you’re after.


Write down any questions.


STEP 2 – Make It Happen

Once you’ve worked through the above “planning”. Contact your developer (07) 41255077 and have a chat, ask questions and be confident you understand what’s happening.

Send us your rough sketches, photos, text and illustrations.



Sit back and relax, while we organise a first proof for you.

The Next Step – Hosting