Many people setup their own websites with varying degrees of success. If you’re unsure of the process involved, then we strongly recommend getting professional help. As a mistake in the initial stages can later cost money and a lot of stress. By involving someone in the early stages, things like analytics, ssl certificates and reliable hosting will be taken care of.


The first step is to think about your domain name. Such as “”. Once you’ve decided on a name, you need to check if it’s available. You can find out by using the domain checker below:

Note: If you already have a registered domain and want to link it to a new website. Then please contact us directly to arrange a “domain transfer”.

If you want a different domain “TLD”. Then call us on (07) 41255077

Note: In Australia there are rules governing what you can use as a domain name. If you select a name that doesn’t meet the criteria, we’ll contact you and of course we’re always happy to give some advice, if you’re unsure. The main point you need to keep in mind is that your Name must (1) Be a match to an Australian trade mark, company name, or business name or (2)  Be a synonym to any service/good/event/activity/premises that you deal with. 


Once you’ve decided on a domain name. You need to get it registered.

Fill out this form, you can make payment by credit card or we will email an invoice to you. We are also happy for you to call us on (07) 41255077 if you have any questions or wish to pay directly. Once registered, you will receive registration confirmation.

The Next Step – Plan Your Website