UPS, Monitors, Drives, Depth Sounders, Electronic Devices. We'll look at them.

We repair all computers (all-in-one, tower, desktop, laptop). We will also look at other devices, such as gps, soldering, printers etc. If we can’t do it, we don’t charge.


Masterlink is in the business of repairing computers. It doesn’t matter what brand, model or operating system. We do it all.

Counter Repairs

Our Torquay workshop is open from 8am Monday to 5pm Friday. If you bring your computer or device into us, we may be able to fix the problem at the counter. However, if it’s more serious, our technician can book it in for assessment.

Workshop Repairs

When you book a computer in, we issue a receipt to show what parts you’ve left with us. Your receipt also has your full contact details, which we encourage you to check before leaving. When the repair is complete, our system will send you a text message, which also has the cost of the repair.

In general we try to get repairs done within 3 days, however for more complex tasks, this may take a little longer. But in many cases repairs are “next day”. If you need your computer back in a hurry, then please let us know when booking it in, as we offer a priority service.

Remote Support

For small repair jobs, such as email issues, you can take advantage of our Remote Support service. This is a lot cheaper and saves the hassle of unplugging your computer and bringing it in to us.

For Remote Support, give us a call and one of our technicians will provide this service for you.

On-Site Call at Home or Work

We have technicians available for on-site jobs. As this is a popular service we recommend calling a day or so in advance. But if you’re a business or the job is urgent. We’ll get there as soon as possible.