SSD recommended for school students

An SSD will improve the speed of your computer or laptop

SSD (Solid State Drive) Upgrade

What’s an SSD:

Think of a Solid State Drive, as being like a big USB stick. Conventional Sata Hard Drives have platters inside, like a stack of records. The platters spin really fast writing and reading data . The problem with this type of drive is that the platters can only spin so fast (7200 rpm), which limits how fast data can be transferred, the spinning also generates a lot of heat and like all moving parts. A conventional Sata Drive can fail, due to mechanical breakdown. Particularly if it is dropped or bumped.

An SSD drive is basically a bunch of memory chips. So there are no moving parts, with far less heat being generated and dropping the drive won’t damage it. But the biggest advantage of an SSD is speed, you’ll be amazed at the difference.

What’s an SSD Upgrade:

There are different types of SSD’s. We’d advise having a chat to one of our technicians who can advise you on the best choice for your circumstances.

When we upgrade a computer we “image” your existing drive to the SSD. This means everything is exactly the same. You don’t need to reinstall any programs, or worry about your data. In many cases your old drive can be left in your computer and used as a data drive or for backups. The upgrade takes 1 day to complete.

The Pro’s:

  • Incredibly fast. Your computer and programs will load in a fraction of the time. Ideal for gamers, people who spend a lot of time computing, or those who just have better things to do with their time.

  • Robust. You can drop or even smash a laptop and the data on your SSD will usually survive. Ideal for students who carry laptops in schoolbags. Travelers and anyone who wants that extra level of security for important data.

  • Runs Cooler. That means your noisy cooling fans are running continuously. Really important in quiet environments and less stress on your computer.

  • Increased Energy Efficiency. This means your laptop battery will last longer

The Con’s:

  • SSD’s although very reliable can and do fail. Usually when they do, it’s “total”. The data can seldom be recovered.

  • SSD’s are more expensive than conventional drives, although the price is quickly coming down.

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