Price List

Masterlink’s unique pricing model ensures you always know in advance, how much a job is going to cost. With no unexpected, nasty surprises when you receive the invoice.


Price List

Component Replacement

Replacing a power supply, video card, laptop screen or optical drive. Does not include motherboards, cpu’s or ram.



Data Transfer


This includes transferring data from phones, tablets, usb sticks, hard drives, tape drives etc.



Data Recovery

Data Recovery is when information is lost or unreadable. Data Recovery is being able to get data back using software tools. We do Data Recovery on phones, tablets, usb sticks, hard drives, tape drives and all other media.


Diagnostic Fee

Our Diagnostic Fee is charged when we have “found” the problem. In some cases you may not wish to go ahead with the repair, or due to age, model etc. repair may not be viable. This charge may also apply when a job is unsuccessful. In this case it may be referred to as a “Bench Fee”.


Domains, Websites, Email

Domain Registration, Domain Transfer, Website Creation, Website Hosting, Email Hosting, Office 365 Setup and Configuration for Business.

By Quote

General Service

A “General Service” is designed to speed up your system and resolve software issues. It will include updating the operating system, removing malware, optimising your hard drive, system tests, removing malware, optimising your hard drive, system tests, removing unwanted software and preventing unnecessary elements loading in the background. A general service does not include virus removal.


Hard Drive Replaced / Repaired

Hard Drives, SSD’s, M2’s etc. Which store your information, fail from time to time. Sometimes this can be “total failure” or a failing drive might just be causing your system to run really slow or trigger “blue screens”. Replacing your hard drive, also includes reloading windows if necessary, your software and completing all updates.


Motherboard Replaced / Repaired


If your motherboard or mainboard needs replacing, we will ensure the cpu is fitted correctly, heat transfer paste applied and the cooler fitted correctly. We will also strip out all the old drivers from your operating system and reload up to date drivers to ensure windows boots correctly.


Remote Support

Masterlink is able to connect to your computer and carry out basic repairs for you. This saves you time and the inconvenience of bringing your computer into us. Please note that we are unable to access your computer without your permission. In all cases you must phone us prior to a remote support connection being made.



Setup New PC / Laptop


Retail is not our main business. Although we build or obtain computers to meet specific business or personal needs. We understand and encourage our clients to “shop around”. If you purchase a new pc and want data transferred, email setup, the new pc procedure completed, bloatware removed, updates done etc. Then you wont get a better deal than this. Does not include onsite installation.


Software Install



This fee applies when installing one piece of software on one computer. This may be “Microsoft Office”, an accounting package, software such as publisher or Adobe Photoshop. No other work will be done.


Virus Removal

This includes “Virus Removal”, “Malware Removal”, a general service and check that there is nothing on the computer, which may compromise security.




Call Out

Applies when tech arrives onsite and issue is resolved. Job has been cancelled, but our office hasn’t been notified or job takes less than 5 minutes.


Residential On-site Rate

To have a technician come out to your home, we will charge $89. This is an hourly rate, however we try not to charge more if the job goes a little overtime. We also won’t charge for a second visit, if we have to return for the same job, or take your computer to our workshop.


Commercial On-site Rate

This is our Commercial On-site rate. We do not charge travel within the 4655 or 4650 postcodes. Our definition of “commercial” is a business employing staff