Company's like Astro Air, VMR and Torquay Doctors rely on our backup service.

Backup Plans scaled to suit your company size and requirements. Backups held in secure data centres with local copy and our technicians always available.

For any business. We strongly recommend the following precautions to protect your data:

  • Store all your data in one central location i.e. a server. This means you only have one critical location to backup, and wont forget where information is stored, it’s relevance and specific requirements for backup i.e. iis it sql, do you need to also backup supprting configuration files etc.

  • Use “raid”. This will backup your programs as well as your data. Will ensure nothing is missed and will get you up and running more quickly.

  • Have a complete “local” backup. This needs to be on a separate hard drive to your data, and needs to go back a reasonable time (depending on your business). It’s common to have everything for the last 30 days, and then perhaps weekly or monthly prior to that.

  • Ensure both your server and local backup device are connected to a UPS. Data can easily be lost through power spikes or “brown outs”.

  • Have a really complex password on your server. We have seen a number of incidents, where data has been completely wiped through “brute force attacks”.

  • Do not use 3rd party services such as “drop box” to backup your data. In fact it’s a really good idea not to use these services at all. Viruses such as “Krypto” use these services to travel from one computer to another. Or even to a mobile phone or tablet. We’ve seem it happen!

  • Services like “One Drive” or “Google Drive” are great for accessing data remotely or using as another “layer” of protection. But they are notoriously unreliable and operate in “real time”, not “historically”.

  • If you’re thinking that all you need is a couple of USB drives and can swap them over each day yourself to save money. Then our advice is “don’t be a tight arse”, it doesn’t work. People are unreliable, and it doesn’t matter how organised or determined you are. Life gets in the way. We’ve seen a doctors surgery who relied on this system, only to discover their backup wasn’t working and hadn’t been for about 18 months. Lucky they didn’t actually need it!

  • Keep in mind that Natural Disaster, Theft and Viruses aren’t the only ways you can loose data. We often don’t like to think about it, but malicious acts or just plain human error can wipe out gigabytes of data in seconds. It will depend on your situation. Some company’s can lock their servers away and restrict access, while others can only ensure staff are adequately trained and only have access to what they need.

  • Finally, Off-Site Backup can be your greatest friend. The big advantages are that it is monitored by a human to ensure it is actually happening. And, it is exactly what it says “Off-Site”, so there’s an “impassible” bridge between it and all the nasty’s out there, trying to destroy it.

Masterlink Off-Site Backup:

  • Monitored Daily

  • Individual Files, Folders or Complete Systems

  • Priced from only $48 per month

  • On-Site Backup Server provided for larger corporates

  • Local Support Staff

  • Email  Notifications if required

  • Data Encrypted

  • Data onshore (now a legal requirement for medical/legal practitioners) in data centre