General Parts

We always have basic components available for general computer repairs. These products aren’t on display, so please call or ask at the counter. Basic components include such things as power supplies, artic silver and hard drives.

Phone & Internet Recharge

Recharge for Mobile Phones and Pre-paid are available from our Torquay store. If you are unable to come in and have an account with us. We can organise recharges by phone or email.

New Computers & Laptops

Masterlink can either build a specific computer to meet your needs or get one in for you. Usually this takes 24 hours. In many cases pre-purchased computers don’t meet your specific needs or they simply work out to be far too expensive. Before proceeding, we can talk to our suppliers and provide a written quote. That way you’re able to make an informed decision and purchase with confidence.

Refurbished Computers

From time to time we source refurbished computers, or if you prefer “pre-loved” systems. When these come in, we give them a full check over, replace any faulty parts and load windows with all the drivers and basic software, such as Adobe Reader. Prices vary on the system, but generally range from $99 to $199.

Specific Items, such as Monitor Arms and Cables

If you’re after a specific cable, we may have it in stock. But if not, we can source the item for you and provide a quote.