Photocopying / Printing / Scanning

We do small photocopying jobs such as copying documents up to 10-20 pages. If you have large copy runs, we would recommend Office Works. You can also have documents scanned and saved to a USB stick or emailed. A popular service is the printing of Resume’s. You can create your own documents and bring them into us on a USB stick for printing or emailing.


We will type up small documents, applications, letters and job applications etc for you. If you have larger jobs to be done, then please contact the manager to discuss your requirements.


We’re often asked to resize passport photos to meet immigration requirements on visa applications. The US and India are particularly fussy on the size (dpi) and dimensions of photographs included with visa applications.

Online Assistance Gumtree / Ebay

If you don’t own a computer or not sure how to put an advert on Gumtree or Ebay, then talk to us. We’re quite happy to sit down with you and help get your advertisement on line. Of course we’ll also help out with other online websites as well. We’ve helped clients put music online and complete international transactions.

Generally our “Counter Assistance” fee  or “Photocopying” fee is charged for the above services. However, this will vary depending on the time spent and complexity of the task being done.