Free PC Cleaning

FREE: If you’re concerned about the dust and general build up of grime on your computer. Then bring it into us and we’ll give it a good blow out with our air compressor.

Note: It is not a good idea to clean dust from a computer using a vacuum cleaner, as this causes static electricity, which is detrimental to electronic parts. Also using brushes or industrial air compressors etc., can easily cause damage to components and moving parts like fan blades. We use a modified air compressor with a moisture capture chambers, which removes dust and moisture particles.

A build up of dust in fans, around heat sinks, filters and particularly in your power supply, can cause overheating. This can shorten the life of your computer and cause performance issues. If your computer detects that it is running too hot, it will slow down or even shut down to protect itself from permanent damage.

If you want the excess dust blown out of your computer or laptop. Then bring it into our Esplanade workshop. This is a FREE service for our residential clients.

This service is also available as a “chargable service” onsite. Just give us a call and we’ll organise a visit to your home or business.