Introducing Mikrotek – Secure Remote Access

We’re often asked by clients to have remote access into their work computer or server. Often our clients have tried using free utilities such as “Teamviewer”. However, these solutions are unreliable in a commercial environment due to licensing restrictions. So Masterlink has come up with a secure, reliable system that doesn’t rely on subscription fees.

Mikrotek is a small device that connects to your existing modem. Once configured and installed you will be able to use “RDP” over a “VPN” to your work computer.

*RDP = “Remote Desktop Protocol”
**VPN = “Virtual Private Network”

The advantages of this system:

    • No ongoing subscription fees

    • All software is already on your computer. All we need to do is configure it.

    • Clean Simple Interface, with good clear resolution.

    • Secure encrypted connection  (VPN using L2TP with IpSEC, with authentication using UserName and Password)..

    • Concurrent Users only limited by the capacity of your system (router, cpu, ram etc.)


If all you need is safe, secure access:

  • Mikrotek VPN Box — $380

  • Setup, configuration and install* — $204

If you need a “Virtual PC” to log into

  • Setup & confirguration of a virtual pc — $306

Note: This option requires a pc with the resources and virtual capabilities to create a “virtual pc”. If you don’t have a computer capable of supporting “virtualisation”. Then you will need an available computer to connect to. (i.e. existing workstation, server or NUC.

*NUC = “Next Unit of Computing”. i.e. a computer about the size of a “dagwood sandwich”

Price quoted is for the 4655 & 4650 postcode areas only. Additional charges may apply to other postcodes.