Moodle - a cross between a Maltese and Poodle



“Woof, woof…. ggggrrrr, woof” Oops, sorry, forgot to turn my translator on… bet you didn’t know there’s even an app for that.

My names “Meg”, although I have a few nick names such as “Smeggle” and “Bear”… But I like “poodle pup” the best. And yes, I know I’m cute, a burden I’ve carried since being a puppy.

You may have already met me, I’m at my shop most days welcoming customers, but if you can’t find me, it could be I’m taking my walk down the Esplanade catching up on local gossip or napping under the counter.

I was born on December 15th, 2009. if you want to make a note in your diary…. I’m particularly partial to “smackos”. But if you can’t manage that, then I’m just as happy with a good scratch behind the ears.

My master asked me to write something about myself, so I thought I’d let you into a little secret. Most people think I’m a “moodle”. That’s a poodle, maltese cross. The truth is I’m a “human”. If I’m being chauffeured in my car, getting tummy scratches or making everyone move over on the couch. It’s clearly understood I’m in charge.

Although I haven’t really said enough about myself. This contribution is, after all, supposed to have something to do with “technology”. So, I thought I’d share an observation or two with you.

I go everywhere with mum and dad. I really love Macca’s drive through, you not only get some yummy smells on the way through, but a snack at the end. Dad won’t go inside much any more, which suits me fine. He says that with those new self serve kiosks. It takes him ten times longer to order his coffee and it’s doing someone out of a job.
I was on dad’s lap the other day, helping him to read the paper. There were stories about Australia Post testing drones to deliver mail, Dominos using robots to deliver pizza. Apparently by 2030 over 800 million jobs will disappear worldwide due to automation. Did you know that they’re making robots indistinguishable from humans. If I were you, I’d be getting worried.

I saw a cardboard policeman the other day outside a shop. He almost fooled me, he was almost like the real ones sitting in their cars, taking photos of us when we go past. Isn’t that the wrong way round. The cardboard policeman should be on the road to make people think about what they’re doing, and the real policeman where the crime is?
All seems a bit “muddled up” to me.

Before I finish up, I’d like to share just one more thought with you….
Every night while laying on my back, watching tv from the comfort of my couch. I observe how mesmerised all these other humans are with gadgets. Dad’s working on his laptop, constantly checking his phone for messages. Mum in the kitchen playing with all those amazing gadgets, like the big white box that keeps my treats cool and fresh. And of course the kids watching movies in the bedroom or playing those noisy games.

The humans I live with understand what I want when I look at them. I can sit on the other side of the lounge and look at Dad, and he instantly knows I want to go outside… and if I look at my empty food bowl, Mum knows I urgently need sustenance. So why don’t they understand when I want to play and have some time with the whole family.

Seems to me that technology is controlling the humans. Not humans controlling technology.
Well, it’s almost time for my nap.

If you’d like to continue this conversation or just feel like saying “hello” and giving away a tummy scratch, then call in and see me at my shop.