Apple MAC All-in–One Systems

Yes! we also repair MAC’s. So if your cherished MAC is out of it’s warranty, then drop it into us, if you have any problems. Please also remember to bring the power adaptor (similar to a laptop). And of course any other cables or accessories, you thing may be helpful in your repair.

Any parts left at our workshop, will be listed on your receipt when booking in.

When transporting your MAC it’s ok to lay it face down on a blanket (do not have the screen facing up, as this can cause flexing if you go over a bump. Or if it will fit, standing up on the floor of your car behind one of the front seats.

If you need your system back urgently for work or study, then please let us know. We have a priority system, when jobs are urgent.

If you’re concerned about reconnecting your system after it’s been repaired, or if you’d prefer for one of our technicians to visit instead. Please call us to  make a booking.


Please bring your power supply in with you, as our workshop only has a limited number.

When your book your MacBook in you’ll be given a receipt for any parts you leave with us. Just make sure you collect everything on pickup. And of course, if you’re too busy to bring your MacBook in, then give us a call and book a technician to visit you.

Masterlink also runs a priority system. Our green priority means we’ll get onto it when the next technician is available. A red priority means a technician will attend to it immediately. Businesses of course always get priority,