Laptop Repairs

If you’re bringing your laptop into us for repair, it’s important to also bring the power supply. Although our workshop has a wide selection of adaptors, we often have 20 or more laptops on the bench at any one time. So may not have a compatible adaptor readily available, which in turn may hold up your repair.

When you book your laptop in, you will receive a receipt with a list of all he parts left. Please make sure you collect all items on pickup.

If your laptop is a business machine or used for studies, we can assign a priority to the repair. A “green” priority means we will get it done as soon as possible with no extra charge. A “red” priority means we will drop what we’re doing and get onto it straight away. Red carries an additional charge, depending on the repair. Businesses automatically get priority service.

If for any reason you are unable to bring your laptop into us, then consider our “on-site” service. One of our technicians can come to you, just give us a call to make a booking.