In most cases the cost of our reports are recoverable from your insurer.

Insurance Report Writing

We are experienced in preparing insurance reports, accepted by all the leading insurers. Our reports include an assessment of the damage, cost of repair, and or replacement. We also verify where possible, the circumstances behind the loss. That is, confirmation a device has suffered from a power surge or impact after being dropped.

What we need from you

If you’re bring a device into us for an insurance assessment and report. It helpful to know the circumstances involved and what you did, if anything to rectify the damage. For example, if a burst water pipe gets your computer wet, did you do anything to try and dry it out.

In all cases it’s best to contact your insurance company before coming to us. As they will give you a “claim number” and details of where to send the report.


You will find the charge for our inspection, assessment and report on our rates page. You will receive a tax invoice for this amount, which in most cases refunded by your insurer.