I.T. Audit

What is an I.T. Audit… In basic terms an I.T. audit is an independent assessment of your computer network, including hardware, software, policy and practices. For example do you have unlicensed or “risky” software installed, who has access to your information and is your data safe in the event of a destructive virus or natural event.

Our audits are carried out by a qualified Microsoft technician and are exhaustive. We look for potential cost savings, identify risks and provide recommendations to avoid future costs and down time.


Many companies depend on their I.T. “guy” to look after everything, let you know when someething needs doiing and fix it, when it breaks.

So what happens if one day your I.T. guy doesn’t turn up or goes out of business. Do you know all your passwords, who has remote access or if your backups are working or your antivirus has expired.

If you answered “No” to any of the above questions, or you have doubts… then you don’t have ownership of your system…. someone else does.