Due to Telstra Cancelling it’s
Data Sharing Sim Plans

GPS Tracking

Masterlink has developed it’s own unique GPS tracking system, utilising the very best in both hardware and software. So why did we go to all the trouble of doing this. It all started when we wanted to track our own vehicles and found there was nothing suitable on the market. Everything we found was for a minimum number of vehicles, too expensive or just didn’t fulfill our requirements.

So What Does It Track

Obviously location is tracked with accuracy being adjustable. We’ve found with our own vehicles, accuracy is around 3m. Altitude, Speed, History, Geo Fences, Location Address and typographical map choices are included.

When fitting your vehicles there’s a number of things to consider.

Ease of Installation

Our system connects directly to – & +. Being roughly the size of a matchbox, it’s easy to find somewhere to tuck it away. You can make sure it’s secure with a simple cable tie.

Ongoing Cost

GPS tracking is done using 4g, so a reliable carrier needs to be used. Our tracking device holds a micro sim card. Depending on the number of vehicles, the carrier you select and data plans etc. The cost can vary, however $5 per month per vehicle is a good rule of thumb.

Monitoring & Software

We use a browser based system, which means there is no cost for software. You simply go to your url, login and there you will see all your vehicles. However, behind all this is our server in Townsville, which does attract a service fee which reduces with the more vehicles you have.


There are no setup charges for configuring the system. However, you will need to fit the device to your own vehicle.

Cost of GPS Device

Each GPs unit costs around $120, however we will need to update this quote as exchange rates etc. does cause the price to fluctuate. You have the option of paying this cost up front or having the cost added to the monthly cost.s