Need Office 365 setup for a small business.

Derek is our Senior Network Technician


Computers didn’t really interest me too much. In my earlier years, “mechanics” held much more appeal. I’m sure some would have referred to me a “petrol head”, spending what little money I had on my Holden Torana. My life at the time was very much dominated by cars and engines.

My friends would talk about 486 computers with 8MB of memory, yes that’s Megabytes, not Gigabytes. But to me, the smell of fumes, roaring engines and squeezing that little bit better performance out of my Torana, was really all that mattered.

But life’s a funny thing. You never know what it’s going to dish up.

My dad was a printer by trade and was the catalyst that got my I.T. career off the ground.

Purely by chance, I became involved in I.T., much later in life. Perhaps around the age of 30. At the time my dad secured me a job  as a machine operator for the same employer. However, fate dealt a hand, and a few years later I developed severe arthritis in my knee.

From my doctors advice, which was to change the repetitive nature of my job. Or I would loose all mobility in the affected knee. So within 12 months. I moved into a sales role, with the support of my employer, preparing quotes and orders for the sales reps on one of the new computers, recently introduced into the company.

This was when online ordering using the internet was just starting to become popular. Many employers didn’t fully understand the new technology, but knew they needed to adapt, and were keen to utilise anyone like myself who felt comfortable with the technology.

During this time I became more involved in the company’s servers and assisted with the implementation of new systems. Such as the introduction of the online ordering system being interfaced into the quoting and billing software.

The company wanted to keep up with technology to broaden their product line offering quick turn around, and personalised digital printing. I was heavily involved in selecting, installing & maintaining three large digital printers plus training operators to run them 18 hours a day. These weren’t your normal laser printers. They were huge and totally computerised with windows XP embedded as the operating system. It was an exciting time and that is what kept me involved and interested in working in the IT world.

I eventually changed jobs and got more involved in IT support focusing on servers and networking.

After moving to Hervey Bay back in 2012 I started here at Masterlink Computers and still enjoy learning and adapting to new technology today.