What Can Be Transferred

In general the term “Data Transfer” includes copying or moving “data” from one computer to another. Or perhaps from a computer to a USB hard drive. Data generally means:

  • Photos

  • Videos

  • Documents

  • Emails & Contacts

It does not include “programs”. However, there are some exceptions, so please check if you’re unsure.

Why Would I Need Data Transferred

In most cases you would get data transferred if you are purchasing a new computer. But we also get asked to do this when a computer needs to be sent away under warranty. Many larger companies don’t understand how precious your data is, and in often just replace or reload computers without taking that extra care.

My Computer Isn’t Working

If your computer isn’t running, but you want to get data off it. Then this may not be a problem. In most cases we can still do a Data Transfer, provided your storage drive hasn’t totally failed.

We have the facilities to transfer information from almost any device including computers, laptops, tablets, phones, usb, sata. SSD and M2 drives. You’ll also find we’re the cheapest.