Clint is experienced in NBN connections, and New PC setups.

Clint is based in Maryborough


Houston, we have a problem !

Hi, I’m Clint, one of Masterink’s Support Technicians, which means I’m out and about on the road most of the time. Doing everything from sorting out those tricky little problems for home users, to networks installs. You could say, I have my dream job, as I’ve always been interested in “technical” things, even as a young boy.

I remember when I was 8 years old, my parents bought a “space shuttle” for us kids to play in. Two of us could sit in it and run supply missions to the International Space Station, or rescue astronauts for NASA. But sometimes my playmates got upset with me, as I was always under the bonnet “fixing the shuttle”. Which of course put take-off on hold delaying their mission. Dad could see I was more interested in being a mechanic than an astronaut. So, he put an old computer motherboard under the bonnet, with a bunch of wires. Now that’s a “really cool dad”.

In the day, you were the "bees knees" if you had one of these.

Clint’s Space Shuttle. These were designed for two astronauts, complete with controls and removable panels.

For a while we lived in Central Queensland where I began my high school journey, and discovered the world of computers and electronics. It was about this time that I realised, I wasn’t embarking on a new journey of discovery. But continuing on the journey that I’d unknowingly started in a pretend space shuttle, several years earlier.

At this time, a family friend who was pretty tricky with computers, could see my potential, and taught me a great deal. I was also lucky to have a neighbour who worked with computers, and “took me under his wing”. Together, these guys fired my enthusiasm to continue pursuing electronics as a career.

But life is full of surprises and sometimes things don’t come to you straight away. I did a number of jobs when I left school, starting out as a trolley boy at Woollies. I even ended up as a “sampler” for a mining operation. That’s collecting samples from mine sites and delivering them back to the lab for testing. But I always had my goal in the back of my mind, and sometime later, I got back on track for a career in I.T.

After meeting my future wife, we ended up in Rockhampton where I landed my first job. As a field technician I travelled around Central Queensland. After 8 years experience doing this type of work. Jess and I decided to move back to Maryborough, where I took up my current position at Masterlink.

I was very lucky when growing up. Our family friend, our neighbour and my parents all encouraged me along the way. I often wonder where I’d be now, if they hadn’t seen that “spark” of potential in me. I just hope that anyone reading this contribution has that same influence, to make a positive difference in another kids life, as my family and friends did for me.