Hervey Bay residents are beginning to receive letters from Telstra advising that existing ADSL and phone services will be disconnected mid August 2020. So if you haven’t moved over to the NBN yet, you still have a little time left. But as the saying goes “time flys”.

Ok, so to cut through all the hype, sales talk and general ignorance. Here’s our contribution which I hope some will find useful.


The telcos tell us their modems are pre-configured, easy to setup and you won’t have any problems. Isn’t that a relief.

In many cases you won’t have a technician knock on the door to install your NBN devices. You’ll receive everything by post or courier and will need to set it up yourself. Depending on the type of service you have, you may receive one or two boxes. Which need to be plugged into your existing phone line. Usually they’ve been pre-configured, but even so, in some cases you still need to contact your Provider to have the service activated. Just remember it can take quite a long time for NBN to connect once plugged in, compared to ADSL.

The idea which doesn’t appeal to everyone, is for you to have your NBN modem with your phone plugged directly into it. If you currently have several phones around the house, the easiest way to get around this is to purchase wireless handsets. Plug the main unit into your modem and position the rest where you want them. Places like Office Works sell these from around $89. If the one phone plugged into your modem is ok for you, then great. But it may not work if your phone is more than about 8 years old, so ensure you test it thoroughly as some phones wont ring when called. It’s also possible to have phone sockets reconfigured so they continue working. In some circumstances for special equipment this may be necessary, but you will need to talk to someone like Masterlink Computers about possible options. It’s also a good idea to talk to us if you have devices such as “Medical Alarms”.

So, when everything’s organised, your Telco will give you a date and time that your service will be switched over. In most cases this doesn’t happen on time. We’ve had customers disconnected for a week or more due to delays and other problems. If you find yourself in this type of situation, then get your Provider to divert all your phone calls to your mobile.

If you don’t use the internet (and yes, there are plenty of people in this category). Then you will either need an NBN modem, configured as a phone only option. Go “Mobile” only or just go entirely “off the grid”


Pretty much everything I’ve said for Residential customers, also applies for businesses. With one or two notable exceptions.

Before switching to NBN you need to ensure your “Security Monitoring”, “EftPos” and any other PTSN reliant devices are switched over to either ADSL, wifi or 4g. This has to be done before NBN is activated. For “fax machines” and “Scanners” etc. you will need to consider either purchasing a dongle to interface your existing equipment or changing to an alternative service. Such as Fax to Email. In our experience most companies are ditching their fax machines, but many, like health care professionals can’t yet make that transition.


Many have made the transition to the NBN without a problem, while others feel like they’ve been on a holiday to hell. Our advice is to get all your questions down on paper, talk to someone about your situation (preferably not a salesman) and shop around for the best deal that suits you. If you’re unsure or run into trouble, you can always give us a call.