On the weekend I was on a farm in the Tiaro area, and had the opportunity to collect plants from an old cottage garden, which had been neglected for years. Many of the plants had gone wild, spreading out from the original house across the surrounding paddocks. I was particularly interested in “edible” species. But as a kiwi I still have a lot to learn about Australian flora, and to be honest. Probably just a lot to learn in general. Then it struck me… “there must be an app for that” and sure enough there is.

1 – PlantSnap
With this “app” you take a photo of a flower. It searches a database and returns information on the plant. Believe me, it works. Although I found you get best results holding the flower in your fingers, and move in for a macro shot.
So. This app saved the day. It confirmed what I could harvest and what I should leave behind. You can also download other identification databases for flora and fauna. Such as mushrooms (Mushroom Identify) and fish (IDfish). So then I got to thinking (I do that occasionally). What useful apps do you use, that we can all benefit from. I don’t mean the apps that come with all phones, your banking app. I mean the “really useful apps” that are “free” and not loaded with “ads”.
Here are 5 apps used in our house. I have more, but would like to see what you can you add to the list.

2 – Emergency+
Quickly dial 000 numbers, SES, Police. Clearly shows your current location on a map with GPS coordinates and street address.

3 – Shazam
Make a sample recording of any tune and have it instantly identified, with recording artist etc. Save information into favourites for later reference. Includes Australian and Global charts etc.

4 – Fuel Map Australia
Shows fuel stations Australia wide on a map with current fuel pricing. You can easily find the best deal. Tap on any station to get full details including address, phone number, directions and deals. You can also keep track of your fuel expenditure. Information is updated on the app by motorists, by signing up, you can also update the apps information.

5 – Google Opinion Rewards
This is a “survey” app, in which you’re rewarded with Google Play Store Credits. After signup, you’re sent a couple of questions from time to time. A typical question may be “Have you heard this song on your local radio station”. For answering a paid survey, you receive on average 10c-50c on Play Store.

Can you name any………..

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Jill Barclay – XE currency conversion – for when you are going overseas you can easily convert from one to another. And a second one Google Translate is pretty good as well. Both can be used offline.