Residential – Anti-Virus / Internet Security

For Residential clients we recommend Kaspersky Internet Security. We judge our recommendations on experience, from the computers we see going through our workshop with virus infections. Kaspersky is by far one of the best products out there It’s light weight, so it doesn’t slow your computer down like many other products, it’s reasonably priced at only $69 for 2 years, and it does the job. If you’re unable to bring your computer into us to have Kaspersky installed, we can install, update and configure it remotely. Just call us on (07) 41255077.

Business – Anti-Virus / Internet Security

When it comes to business security, you need something a little more “robust” than your average anti-virus software. That’s why we recommend BitDefender. This product can be centrally managed, recognises ramsomware and comes with real time monitoring by our technicians. From our own experience we have not had a serious virus infection with any of our commercial clients using this product.