This page contains useful links to local businesses and organisations that may be able to help you. If you want your website link included here, then please send us a message through our contact page.

I.T. Partners

Free Utilities

  • Malwarebytes is a great and safe utility for the removal of malware and popup windows. The free version can be a little annoying, asking you to upgrade. So our advice is to uninstall after cleaning up your system.

  • Glary Utilities will help you streamline your computer to make it meaner, leaner and faster. By getting rid of temp files, unnecessary background processes and a host of other fixits.

  • CCleaner is another cleanup utility, to help streamline your computer and make it run a little better.

  • Adobe Reader is the industry standard for reading pdf files. So while Edge and other applications may do the job. Adobe is cleaner, easier and comes with a multitude of “plug-ins” if needed.

  • Chrome is an alternative “web browser” to “Internet Explorer”, which you may find is more reliable. If you’re a long time Internet Explorer user, then Chrome may take a little getting used to. But it’s well worth it.

  • Internet Speed Test from Ookla. This site is regarded as the easiest and most accurate for measuring internet speeds. It also allows you to change which servers the test is being conducted through.

NOT Recommended

Our workshop sees the following utilities on a daily basis. We highly recommend that YOU DO NOT INSTALL these. They’re useless, cause problems, and are only designed to put advertising on your screen or upsell you to a “better” product. Our technicians automatically uninstall these utilities when we work on pc’s.

  • Re-image

  • Driver Updater (any driver updater)

  • IoBit Advanced System Care

  • AShampoo Win Optimiser

  • Comodo System Utilities

Helpful Organisations

  • Masterlink. We’ve put ourselves first, as we believe through our experiences working in the I.T. industry, that we’ve pretty much seen it all. We’re happy to share those experiences and help you out in any way we can. Pop into our store and ask for Michael, or phone on 41255077. It’s free. 

  • Scamwatch is a website that will inform you about reported scams and how to respond to them. If you’re, visit this website and do a quick search.

  • Online Child Protection. It’s really hard to find helpful links “for parents” on this subject. Most sites are full of jargon, are poorly designed and make dry reading. That being said, the governments esafety site would be the first “go to”. Designed for everyone, this site has information, and allows for reporting of cyberbulling.

We’d also suggest visiting kidspot. It has some practical advice on safety.

  • The Telecommunications Ombudsman Qld will listen to your complaint and contact your ISP. This is an effective way of getting past the “Calcutta Call Centre” and actually talking to someone in Australia. You call call the office directly on 1800 062 058 or use their online form.

  • Office of Fair Trading. This complaint form is for “general complaints”. If you have a dispute of any kind, it’s always best to approach the business owner first. As many issues are simply a misunderstanding or can be easily resolved. If you wish to call Fair Trading directly the number is 13 QGOV (13 74 68).