Insurance Reports

Flat Rate Insurance Reports Covering All Facets of I.T.

Insurance Reports covering all I.T. equipment including computers, phones, tablets, printers, laptops, security dvr systems and network infrastructure - - - - - $50 Fixed Rate, usually refundable by your Insurer - - - - - Our reports include all the details your Insurer needs including repair and replacement. With our recommendation - - - - - Through no fault of your own, I.T. equipment can be lost or damaged from: fire, earthquake, tsunami, cyclone, water inundation, flooding, theft, malicious damage, accidental damage, power spikes, power "brownouts", equipment failure... and so much more - - - - - Enquire about our "Remote Support Service". It's efficient and cost effective

Insurance claims processed by our workshop

Laptop has been dropped, causing hinge to come away from bezel.
Hinge mounting no longer secured after screen was pulled too far back.
After being dropped, the corner of this notebook has broken away.
An issue we see often. Pressure has been applied to the screen breaking the filaments.