Email has become the primary tool for communication within organisations, clients and suppliers. Therefore it is critical that downtime is kept to a minimum.

Masterlink will setup your email and even host it. As Microsoft Partners, we can also register you with Microsoft Office 365 for business. Which includes a multitude of other useful productivity tools.

Outlook tracks of your contacts and appointments. It is a tool most people in business can not do without. You can now have Outlook on all your mobile devices, fully integrated.

We are all familiar with Word and Excel, but now with Office 365, you will now collaborate with work colleagues. Meaning you may never need to visit your office again.

Access has now become the staple as a relational depository for data, integrating not only into office applications. But also across platforms.

Once you’ve used OneDrive, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. Mobile staff, can access information on their phone. Also you can collaborate with colleagues on projects, and work on the same document.

Binding all this together, you can place everything under one umbrella. Truly unifying you and your business.

Note: Other Products & Services may be available. Depending on the version purchased and current Microsoft packaging. Please ask one of our trained staff for the latest list of product inclusions.