Computer Repairs

Computer Repairs

Standard Computer Towers

When you bring your computer into us. We only need the “tower”, unless you suspect the monitor, keyboard, mouse or even printer could be part of the problem. We do not need any cables, unless your tower has a power adaptor. This is a small box on the power cable, similar to a laptop.

The computer tower similar to the one shown in the picture above, may stand upright, or lay flat.

When you book your system in at the shop, you will be given a receipt with all the parts listed. You can also give us a call before coming in to confirm any details.

It is safe to unplug all the cables from the back of your computer, once you’ve turned off the power. If you have any concerns about reconnecting everything afterwards, don’t worry. Let us know and we can help you out.

If you’re unable to bring your computer into our workshop, or would prefer our “on-site” service. Then give us a call to make a booking.

All-in-One Systems

All-in-Systems, as their name suggests. Have the computer built into the screen. In many cases the power cable on these systems has an adaptor on it (similar to a laptop. If so, it’s a good idea to also bring this in with you.

When transporting your All-in-One, it’s ok to lay it face down on a blanket (do not have the screen facing up, as this can cause flexing if you go over a bump. Or if it will fit, standing up on the floor of your car behind one of the front seats.

Unless your system is a MAC, We generally don’t require any cables or other parts, unless you suspect one of these may be at fault. Any parts left at our workshop, will be listed on your receipt when booking in.

If you’re concerned about reconnecting your system after it’s been repaired, or if you’d prefer for one of our technicians to visit instead. Please call us to  make a booking.