• Customisation of “Myob Retail Manager” invoices and receipts. Have your own logo, and customised messages etc.

  • SMS- Desktop Messaging System. Have a customised app on your desktop for sending text messages to your clients. Have preformated messages or create your own.

  • Interactive PDF files. Have customised interactive pdf files created with drop down boxes, multi-choice questions etc. Either send to a client via email or display them on your website. Forms can be completed on screen, then printed or saved.

We can resolve Software Configuration issues

We can help you source, install and configure your software.


Microsoft Access Databases

One of our specialties is the development of Microsoft Access Databases. We have developed databases to track everything from Marine Rescue operations to taxi companies tracking DVA client pickups. If you think a relational database will help streamline your business operations, then give Michael a call. We can demonstrate some of the databases we’ve constructed and discuss your own requirements.

Office 365 for Home or Business

Most businesses are now moving to Office 365. This provides for synchronising applications, email and documents across multiple devices in any location. It’s important to note that there are basically two different types of Office 365, personal and business. “Office 365 Business Premium” has far more features than the personal version, such as additional storage space and integration into your domain and existing infrastructure, such as a domain server. If you’re unsure please speak to us, Office 365 Business Premium is a great product, but configuration is complex

If you need specific software, such as video editing suites. We will try to source it.

Internet Security

There are a lot of Internet Security packages available on the market. In all cases the “paid” versions are the best, but not all are equal. Some are too big and slow computers down, while others are loaded with useless add-ons, at the detriment of the main task… to get rid of viruses. From our experience, seeing hundreds of infected computers go through our workshops, we recommend Kaspersky. On price it’s good value, and it does a great job.

If you’re loyal to another product, we can also help you there. We sell all the main branded packages.


Misc. Software

These days a lot of software vendors only make their products available online for download. But that can be risky, as there are also a lot of scam sites out there wanting your money. With no intention of delivering on their promise.

If you need help locating the right software and safely purchasing it. Then we can definatly help.