Bailey completed his traineeship with us, and is now proving to be a great asset.



Hi I’m Bailey and I’d like to introduce myself to you all, as I’m the newest edition to the team at Masterlink Computers. So here’s a little of my story, of how I got to where I am today.

Most importantly, even from a very young age, I have always been interested in the way things work. While I was a toddler my family and I used to live right next to a construction site. Every day I would pester my mum, to take me to the work site and watch the giant machines. And when not watching outside, I would stare for hours watching through my bathroom window. I was such a regular visitor to the site, that the site manager gave me a compass.

Therefore I was always asking my parents how things worked. Growing up I have always had a love of robots, and science fiction. Futuristic ideas, technologies and abilities we as humans have not yet invented.

I started working on computers in my early teens, with a few little fix up jobs for Mum and Dad. So I became quite good at using computers, but that wasn’t enough. I wanted to know why and how these computers ticked. What made them turn on, how they saved data, and how it was able to display images. “I’ve always liked puzzles and trying to work out how things worked, ” It’s that hunger that pushed me on. I turned to an Uncle, who was a computer technician for over 17 years for help. He allowed me to complete some work experience, from there I became hooked.

While completing Year 10 I also completed my Cert III at TAFE. I was fortunate enough to secure a week of work experience at Masterlink. It was only 5 short days, but it was all the opportunity I needed to impress the boss with my knowledge, and enthusiasm. It worked! Two months later, I began as a trainee. Which I’ve almost completed and loving it.

It’s kind of funny actually, I found out recently that my Great Grandfather was a motor mechanic. The same as my Grandfather and another of my Uncles. I guess curiosity runs in the family.


One example of how Industry and training organisations like Tafe can work together

Tony, Bailey and Michael

News Story from October 5th, 2-17

Training the trainer for a bright future in IT

TAFE Queensland teacher Tony Dieck swapped his marking pen for a notepad and became the student this month, when he visited Hervey Bay business Masterlink Computers.
The Information Technology teacher spoke with the business’s owner and manager Michael Jenkins. To complete what’s known as an industry release, an initiative that sees educators from training organisations, like TAFE Queensland attend industry businesses. Applicable to their sector, ensuring the content delivered in their courses are relevant and up-to-date.

Most Importantly, the visit proved a productive exercise on multiple fronts. Mr Dieck not only getting the chance to gather knowledge of his industry’s most current practices. But also getting a chance to see one of his former students in action.
Bailey Fraser completed a Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology at TAFE Queensland’s Hervey Bay Campus in July. Earlier this year and thanks to his qualification and the work experience he has undertaken to compliment it. The 16-year-old has secured a “traineeship” with Masterlink Computers.

“I’ve always liked puzzles and trying to work out how things work, which is why I love working with computers,” said Mr Fraser.

Therefore, “I’ve learned a lot at TAFE that I now apply in my work and Michael actually lets me do a lot of tasks because I’ve had experience through TAFE and I’m qualified.

“I have done everything from fixing desktop computers and laptops to working with businesses. Setting up networks and repair their Wi-Fi connections.”

The reunion enabled Mr Dieck to witness first-hand how the skills he is passing on to students translate in the work place as well as pinpoint areas that could be improved.

“It’s fantastic to see your students move on to bigger and better things. So seeing Bailey doing so well, and able to carry out his job with such confidence is very rewarding,” said Mr Dieck.
Therefore, “This industry release was about making sure we deliver skills our students will actually use. Also ensuring that their transition into a real world environment is seamless, so to see that in action was fantastic.”

Mr Dieck’s visit comes as the ICT industry prepares for a surge in demand. Te Australian Government’s Job Outlook website is predicting strong growth of up to 50,000 job openings over the next five years. An unsurprising projection given society’s increasing dependence on technology.
“Every industry relies on technology these days, so a qualification in ICT is always going to be an asset,” said Mr Dieck.