At this time we are still “open for business”. However, we’ve had to implement the following changes.

(1) We no longer make “on-site” visits to residential properties. You can still bring your computer in to us. But we ask that you clean the outside surface with a damp cloth using a detergent or anti-bacterial agent.
(2) “While You Wait” Counter Repairs are no longer available.
(3) Our “Remote Service” continues to operate.
(4) Only staff are permitted beyond reception areas.
(5) Service may be refused for anyone exhibiting symptoms, or we consider to be a “risk”.
(6) All hardware, including computers, documents, deliveries etc. Will be sanitised entering and leaving our facilities.
(7) Although modified. All business services continue.

If you require our services and are unable to meet the above conditions. Please call us. Although we will not make any exceptions to these safety measures. We will do our best to help.

While these measures may seem extreme. I’m sure our clients will appreciate these measures are for their protection.
We wish you good health, and thank you for your understanding.

Owner / Manager