Yes! Masterlink Computers will come to your home. If possible, we will fix your computer during our visit. However, if more specialist equipment is needed and we have to take your computer back to our  workshop. Then you will not be charged extra.

Sometimes it’s more practical for us to repair your computer at our workshop. This may be simply due to the time it will take, because our workshop has specialist equipment such as power supply testers, multi-meters and cloning servers. Sometimes customers also have very limited or no internet…. so taking your computer back to our workshop makes sense.


  • Setting Up A New Computer. Regardless Of Where You Purchased It

  • Setting Up Audio Visual “AV” Equipment

  • Configuring Internet Connections

  • Dealing with Online / Phone Scams

  • Insurance Quotes

  • Cabling

  • Virus, Bloatware, Malware Removal

  • Software Configuration Issues

  • Wifi Problems

If you wish to pay by cash, let our technician know when booking, if you require change. You may also pay through internet banking. Or we can email/post an invoice, for payment at a later date for pre-approved customers. If unsure, please ask.

PLEASE NOTE: You can not book an onsite residential visit, if you are not home. There must be someone of at least 18 years on the premises. Our technicians will not take charge of keys and will always carry name tag identification. If you are unsure of the authenticity of someone calling at your house. Please call (07) 41255077 to verify, or refuse entry. If for any reason you are feeling insecure or unsafe. Please ask the technician to leave and contact us immediately.

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