Residential Software

We have an extensive range of prepaid software products available for sale. Our product range is vast and constantly expanding to ensure we have products available to suit all customers. Our product range currently covers productivity, creativity, security and accounting.
(available through download)

We can help with the installation of software and in the case of renewals such as Microsoft Office, Nortons, Kaspersky and Trend. We may be able to do this for you remotely.

Masterlink also develops Access Databases. Some examples are our own “Job Booking System”, “Job Progress Board”, “Search and Rescue” and “Taxi Client” Databases. No matter what you need, Masterlink can custom design a Microsoft Access Database for you.

Please note that at the time of publishing, the information above was true and correct. Changes to licencing, conditions and features offered may vary without notice. Although we will make every effort to keep this information current. Such changes are beyond the control of Masterlink.