Server Maintenance

“Times are a Changin”:

For small to medium sized businesses, the days of big, hefty servers that take up half your office are gone. With the proper mix of “cloud services” and a well spec’d pc to act as a central server. You can now save thousands of dollars on setting up a professional network.

In our view, putting everything into the cloud is a big mistake, but a well thought out mix of onsite and cloud based services, can really save you money, and provide innovative opportunities, that haven’t been available in the past.

“Keepin it Goin”:

It’s easy to forget about your server. It’s going 24 / 7, and is always just there. It’s not until something goes wrong, that we even give it a second thought.

A very popular service that Masterlink offers is Server Maintenance. For a very small fee, Masterlink will remote into your server and check such things as updates, backups, service patches, malware, virus status, disk space and all those small issues that can cause you “down time” later on.

If you purchase a server from Masterlink. This service is provided free of charge for the first 12 months.