Small / Medium Business Wifi Hotspots


Simple Wifi is in almost every home and office these days. Most people are able to setup a router with password protection. However, you may need some help when things start getting a little trickier. For Example:

  • Setup a Firewall or two separate networks.

  • Directly connect smart tv’s or media streaming devices. Such as Netflix, Foxtel etc.

  • Ensure you’re getting optimum performance with the right hardware and configuration.

  • Increasing the range of your signal, through “extending” or “boosting”

Wifi Hotspots:

Masterlink specialises in Wifi Hotspots for public access. Our systems are ideal for clubs, motels, parks and almost any other public space. There are a number of reasons why you should consider a professionally installed system.

  • Liability. As the owner of your internet connection, you are responsible for the way in which it’s used. Hotspot systems record sites visited, the content viewed or downloaded and information about the phone or device used.

  • Content Control. Family Filters ensure that explicit or illegal sites can’t be accessed.

  • Usage Limits. Even with the NBN, there are still limits on how much data can be simultaneously accessed. Usage controls allow you to limit the speed of downloading and apply daily limits. You can also setup different access for regular, long-term, VIP and casual users.

  • Security. It’s important that anyone accessing your wifi, is on a different network to your own computers. If you operate a motel or similar business. Your office pc will have guest details, your own financial records etc. and most likely credit card information.

  • Professionalism. These days everyone expects to have access to the internet. Poor signal reception, clumsy passwords etc. will reflect negatively on your business.

Wireless Bridges:

Wireless Bridges are used to communicate over obstacles. This could be a carpark, body of water, a building or even a road. Once a Wireless Bridge is setup, it can be used for networking computers, phones or almost any other IP based equipment.